Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some untitled non-proseful writing

Jeez. I never thought I'd write something like what I've written below. But then again, I'd never thought of doing several things I've done so far in my life. I have long held views that I am not a poetry person, and really by golly I may not be one, and what I've just written may not be classified as poetry, oh don't you know.

I hope you did not read the title as "Some untitled non-purposeful writing", since that may well be the title of most of what I write (as I often joke - but this joke is getting stale I think). But this piece of writing I couldn't classify as prose or for that matter expand into something more substantial without sounding either too preachy or appearing to be in a pathos mood (or preaching something in a pathos mood) It rather suggested itself to me that that the style of writing was a little poetic, even if it doesn't rhyme, and I am told that they need not as well. So for the lack of a better word, I choose to call it poetry - you are free to call it what you may. Reading this you may feel that my puns were bad, but my poetry is verse. However as this could be one off case, rest easy if you share that opinion (btw do share your opinion even otherwise)

So without much further ado, I present to you that-which-I-cannot-call-prose-but-chose-to-classify-as-poetry:

However narrow the sandclocks throat,
still manages to dash hopes that,
some day the time may fully stop
on moments remembered, opportunities lost.

Through cupped hands the water seeps,
never reaching that parched throat;
A forgotten dream, recalled in vain.
Minutes and seconds of a wonderful life.

Of words that were better left unspoken if,
to silent regrets of those that were;
What boiling blood - the heat of the moment,
And of cowardice that crept upon the heart.

Often turning our backs we hark the past,
even as we know, what he has to say.
I know you long for me still,
but all this was done, and remains only so.

Were we really puppets on a string, 
controlled by a force above?
Or did we bring upon ourselves this,
remorse and regrets, in the winter of life.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Second life

Pffff pfff pfffht. Damn - it's so dusty.

If my mother were to read this, she'd think I was talking about my table - which has miraculously managed to gather about 17 cms of dust in an otherwise spic and span home (which reminds me - I should accomplish cleaning it up soon for er.. various reasons) No. I'm talking about this blog.

An insightful reader will observe, that over the past couple or more (tending towards more) months there has been nothing to say with reference to the updates here. A regular reader (here I'm supposed to add within parenthesis the words - if any - but won't), would perhaps notice one or two posts making an appearance and then before you could say blogpost, mysteriously disappear. In case you missed it, it was nothing to write home about, so to speak. One may have been about my blog which has run off, and another - yet another frivolous story (makes a Capt.Jack Sparrow-disgusting-face), but I  assure you - if you are joining now, you've missed nothing.

Now to enumerate reasons for my absence.

What reasons shall I give for my AWOL, huh? I certainly could not say I was busy cleaning my table *adds a reminder in phone* Or say I was busy with work? Perhaps saving the world? Or did a certain micro-blogging site take away my(our) powers to write? Did I not find anything to write about?

Nay. None of them are really convincing - except the third one. So I shall not give any.

Since this might be a comeback post of sorts, I must perhaps add something to the effect of: Dear readers, I promise henceforth my fingers shall run over the keyboard more frequently and spew lot more words for your eyes to consume. But again - you guessed it right - I simply won't. And I really have no statistic on how many of such promises were eventually kept.

I instead spend time doing a makeover of the site layout (more simpler, less images and hopefully better content), change the title (yeah, I know - my previous was too amateurish and had nothing to do with content whatsoever. The newer one, in keeping with that tradition, also will not have anything to do with the posts I will write - but I have crafted it in such a way that its meaning conveys to the reader that it indeed does not have anything to do with anything at all), prune a few stupid posts here and there (the ones I never plugged/publicised/trumpeted anywhere ever), publish this post, decide against watching Hollow Man 2 on Star Movies now, go to sleep and all that with one hope - this second innings will perhaps be better.

So here's to another beginning - cheers! And see you soon..

(also notice - I did not open with a sarcastic comment assuring the readers that my life has not yet perished)