Friday, September 18, 2009

Private vehicle vs Public transport


My purpose is not to trigger the age old debate here..

I avoided taking my bike to office yet again(Yep. I call it a bike.. sounds respectable) Instead decided to take a bus. Stood for fifteen minutes at a bus stop where I've stood most of my mornings for the last 5 years of my life.

I surely had missed a direct to my office (7D, for curious readers - rest of you just imagine your favourite bus) One majestic bus came and went.. Followed by 2 market buses.. 2 more majestic buses followed(including a nearly empty one). An autowala standing nearby lifted his eyes thrice from a newspaper in which he was engrossed. That strange look as though I was from another planet, and I finally made up my mind to get into the next majestic bus that came by.. So I did and got down at corporation..

I crossed to the other side of corporation and repeated my exercise sans autowala, curious or not. And I reached my office by 9:35..

So what was going on in my mind when I avoided buses I could have easily boarded?? Well, in no particular order, I think I avoid:

  • Crowded buses (a no brainer - very popular reason)
  • Buses with no conductors (Driver: Here's you ticket sir - Whoa! where'd that road divider come from?!? )
  • Buses with air-cooling contraptions (I'm not averse to cool atmosphere - I am to lighter purses)

I repeated this ritual of mine on my way back home.. Only little change was I had to walk a little further as buses along that particular route decided a detour was in order for today..

Buses are killing a lot of my time. Maybe I should start taking my bike regularly (why I don’t is beyond the scope of this syll (ahem) post - perhaps another time..) That is of course, till such time my mind convinces me that the advantages of going by bus far outweighs its negatives...

Oh and yeah... Welcome to my blog :)


  1. Yeah I find buses better even though they waste a little more time . . But far better than taking your bikes and cursing the back pain . . and welcome to the blog world. . :)

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