Friday, March 19, 2010

How Terminator should have ended

John Connor ducked just in time as the T-X fired two shots into the space which had been occupied by his head just a few micro-seconds ago. As he stepped of the sidewalk onto the road, he had no doubt he was finished today. With no T-101 to protect him, there was no way he was going to survive. It was just a question of when the T-X would catch up with him...

But then, all thought of escaping the T-X were driven out of his mind by the booming horn of a Renault Magnum truck. Once again he fell to his knees, bought his shoulders to the road and pulled his head into his chest and rolled perpendicular to the trucks path. The truck breaked nevertheless. Seizing this opportunity, John quickly got to his feet again, bounded across the remaining part of the street, reached for the fence , grabbing its railings with both hands and leaped across it to land into a basketball court.

This too was empty. As he ran across the empty court, something bounced out of his coat. It was a Colt M1911 .45 caliber. Stumbling he caught it, whipped around and sure enough the T-X was just getting over the fence. He aimed for her head firing of 3 quick shots. They just seemed to richochet of the tough exo-skeleton of that mean machine. Having no choice he made another dash for the gates of the court, across it and again into another pavement and started running east.

"Don't move"

Oh! About time... It was T-101 and he had his bad-ass shotgun with him. John Connor, between the two machines, with both of them having their weapons pointed straight ahead, now at each other.

"Duck", bellowed T-101, and John did. T-101 dropped his shotgun, and ran towards the T-X with his right arm outstretched, index and middle fingers separated in a V-shape and screaming "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!" The surprised T-X shot at T-101, with one shot missing and another rebounding of his chest. T-101's fingers connected with the eyes of T-X, and she froze. And as John watched the T-X fell to the ground writhing.

"How's that possible?", asked John as he was helped to his feet by T-101. "I shot her in the head, and nothing happened. You did not even use your weapon.."

"That's simple", replied the T-101. "You could have done it too. If you knew that to destroy her, you've got to catch her in the eye"

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