Monday, March 22, 2010

When a science experiment goes wrong

Dr.Raghavan had a lot of reasons to be exited today. Just 8 years after the Large Hadron Collider was commissioned and started its operation at CERN, his team had managed to setup what was only the world's third particle collider under BARC. Today India's own version of 'mini-universe' would begin it's first run with a large congregation of media (from all over the world, of course), eminent scientists, the president of the country, a few other heads of few more states and a political entourage from a friendly African country present as its witness, along with the entire nation glued to television watching the live telecast

He was just leaving the CVR-314 (which was one of the 6 controlling and monitoring areas) and would soon be joining the dignitaries at the DK-7 (the presentation area - specially designed for the occasion), when he saw Dr.Talpade coming in his direction, looking all sweaty and pale.

"Dr.Talpade, what on earth are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at..", began Raghavan when Talpade interjected.

"I'm sorry Dr.Raghavan. I have some very bad news. You see, one of our trial runs went horribly wrong. The controlling systems... They malfunctioned I think. And the acceleration overshot by..", he stammered.

"Dr.Talpade! What is this you're talking of? This simply cannot.."

"Dr.Raghavan, please listen to me. The team, I mean... We botched up. And..", he looked up with hands held together at his chest. "Oh God! I think we created a small rip in the Time-Space continuum.. And the tear is growing wider and wider. And your daughter Dr.Naina has kind of gotten stuck in the warp-hole. We need to get her out, Dr. And we need to evac immediately"

Dr.Raghavan's face went white. This was the biggest shock of his life...


Moments later Dr.Raghavan and Dr.Talpade along with the rest of the team were assembled at BHC-PPK-9 and all were listening to Dr.Raghavan talk.

"As I see there is only one way out. We should allow the warp-hole to completely get Naina first. No, listen to me.. I'm not kidding", he was saying seeing the skeptic looks on their faces. "And then, using the synchotron beam, we start sealing the rip in the time-space fabric. The synchotron particles should negate and annhilate the photo-gluons that should be forming along the edges of the tear, thus forming a seal. Well... What are we waiting for? Let's do this together team" he finished.

He then went towards where his daughter lay stuck in a limbo between this world and God-knew-elsewhere. Holding her hands, he said, "Naina. Do not fear. You'll be alright, I promise. I love you my dear.."

"I love you too, Dad", said Naina tearfully as she sank into the other world.

Operation fixup began. The team assembled the synchotron ray gun and powered it up. As soon as it hit 80%, Dr.Raghavan signalled them to take aim.





Zwibbbfffffpppt!! Zreeeenk!! Twoosh!!

The hole was sealed. No sooner did this happen, Dr.Naina popped out of thin air right where she had stood before being sucked up into the warp-hole..

A loud cheer went up in the room. Everyone surrounded the father and daughter pair. A visibly shaken but really relieved Dr.Talpade finally managed to ask the question all had been dying for.

"But Dr.Raghavan, how did you know nothing would happen to your daughter. Wasn't sealing the rip, with your daughter inside very risky?"

Dr.Raghavan replied "It was really simple actually. There was no way my dear daughter was ever in danger. For you know 'a stitch in time saves Nain'a, right?"

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